Sự cố cẩu tháp

– Sự cố cẩu tháp thường gặp và cách giải quyết -Main troubleshooting

sự cố cẩu tháp

Stt Problems Reasons Solution
1 Because of gliding of brakes,hook gliding

and derricking trolley gliding out after being braked-Cơ cấu xe con và cáp tải bị trược khi đã thắng

Brake moment is too small

Brakes surface is oiled and brake

time is too long

Thắng bị mòn nhiều,bề mặt thắng có dầu,thời gian sử dụng quá lâu


Adjust spring pressure of brake

Clean oil and adjust brake shoe gap

Điều chỉnh lực nén của lo xo ,lau dầu,điều chỉnh khe hở của má thắng

2 The shock of brakes load is too big.

Sự chấn động của thắng tải quá lớn

Brake too quickly

Gap of brakes shoes is asymmetric

Thắng quá nhanh

Khe hở giữa 2 má phanh không đối xứng

Adjust the gap of brake shoes or

increase stroke of hydraulic pushed

Điều chỉnh khe hở má phanh hoặc tăng hành trình đẩy của bơm thắng

3 Heat and smoke in the swing process of brake

Nóng và bốc khói trong quá trình xoay của thắng

Gap of brake shoes is too small

Khe hở má phanh quá nhỏ

Increase gap of brake shoes

Tăng khe hở của má phanh

4 Temperature of retarder is too high

Nhiệt độ cụm thắng quá cao

Lubricant is too little or too much

Dầu bôi trơn quá ít hoặc quá nhiều

Pay attention to increasing or decreasing oil.

Chú ý cho thêm hoặc giảm dầu bôi trơn

5 Temperature of retarder bearing is too high.

Nhiệt độ bạc đạn của cụm thắng quá cao


Mainly grease is too little or too much.

Mỡ bò quá ít hoặc quá nhiều

Quality of grease is low.

Chất lượng mỡ bò thấp

Axial gap of bearing can’t satisfy requirements or bearing is broken.

K/c trục của bạc đạn không đáp ứng an toàn hoặc bạc đạn bể

Replace grease according to rules and adjust gap of bearing or replace bearing.

Thay mỡ đúng chất lượng,điều chỉnh k/c trục của bạc đạn hoặc thay thế bạc đạn


6 Retarder leaks oil.

Dầu thắng bì rò rỉ

Seal of connection and seal of axial- end are damaged

Phớt chắn mặt bích và phớt chắn cuối của trục bị hư hỏng .

Replace sealed

Thay thế phớt chắn

7 swing mechanism doesn’t work

Cơ cấu quay không hoạt động

Be sure that no foreign material in engaging

point oil of hydraulic coupling mechanism is too little

Clean foreign material thing and increase oil
8 Ram of swing mechanism is too big There is too much oil in hydraulic coupling mechanism Decrease oil properly


9 Listing is too slow a.Pump is abrasive and efficiency goe down

b.Oil is too litle or oil filter is blocked

c.Manually directior valve and valve opening are damaged seriously

d.The seal of cylinder piston rod is damaged and leaks inner

 Repair or replace damaged parts,increase oil or clean filter
10  No power for lifting or can’t lifting a.pump leaks inner seriously

b.Adjusted pressure of relief valve is too low

c.Valve core of manual directior valve is excessivel abrasive.

d.relief valve is dipped

Repair or replace abrasive parts,adjust pressure according to
11  Appear noise and vibration when increase pressure of lifting  Oil lifter is blocked  clean filter
12  Lifting system can’t work Swing direction of motor is not the same as oil pump Changer revolving directon of motor
13  Appear creeping when lifting a.There is air in piston rod of cylinder

b.There is obstacle in guide mechanism

Repeating exhaust unloaded
14  Drop itself loaded a.Hydraulic lock of cylinder is breakdown

b.Seal of cylinder is damaged

Remove malfunction

Replace seal

15  Derricking mechnism can’t work 1.Connection wrongly

2.Fuse fused

3.Cutting out earth correction or breaking among phases of motor winding group

4.Voltage of motor is too low

5.winding conection is wrong

6.Solenoid brake doesn’t declutch

7.load is too gbig or transmission machine is breakdown

 1.check correcting diagram

2.Check fuse capacity is too small or replace

3.measure the voltage

4.Find out cutting out by supper power at different speed.repair breaking

5.Check voltage of brake and winding is breaking or clipped

16  Abnormal noise appears in dericking machanism and vibration is too big  1.Stator sotar scrub each other

2.Motor and retarder are not concentric

3.Bearing is short of oil seriously or damaged

4.Gears are abrasive .

5.There is noise when two phases operating

 1.Check gap between stator rotor is uniformity.

2.Readjust concentricity between motor and retarder.

3.Clean bearing increase new lubricant or replace bearing.

4.Replace retarder

5.Switch off power Check and repair it.

17  The temperature of motor of derricking mechanism is too high or smoking 1.Load is too big

2.Load and operate don’t measure up

3.Two phase operate

4.Power voltage is too low or too high

5.Motor winding is wiring or cutting out among phases

6.The gap of friction plates is not proper


 1.Measure current of stator decrease load if exceeding rated valve

2.Load according to requirement

3.Measure three-phase current and remove problem

4.Check input voltage and correct it

5.Find out reason and repair it

6.Adjust air -gap according requirement

7.Check brake voltage and operating time of delay brake remove the problem

8.Keep up air chimney



18  Bearing of derricking mechanis is too heat 1.Bearing burned out

2.Crease is too much or too little

1.Replace bearing 2.Increase grease according to requirment
19  Derricking mechanism electricfication 1.Power crod and each connecting wrong

2.Grounding badly

3.Wiring of motor is grounding

1.Check and correct it

2.Correctly grounding

20   Derricking mechanism brake is out of order  1.Brake moment is too small 2.Wearing void of friction wafer increases  1.spring of brake is broken or out of order to replace it.

2.Brush is broken,voltage is not enough

21  It can’t work when the whole starting 1.Operating grip doesn’t zero adjustment.

2.Fuse burned out

3.Activate button and stop button connect badly

1.Grip zero adjustment

2.Replace fuse .

3.Repair or replace button


22  Trip when lifting operation  Check if climbing brake weather open and measuring valve changes
23  When derricking,ther is 2 speed but no 1 speed 1.Connect of grip is badly

2.Point of contactor connects badly

3.Motor is damaged

 1.Repair contact point of grip

2.Repair or replace contactor

3.Repair or replace motor

24  When derricking,ther is 1 speed but no 2 speed  1.Limit switch or contact point contact badly

2.Motor is damaged

 1.Repair or repalce limit switch

2.Repair or replace motor

25  Swing brake can’t work  1.Brake switches contacs badly 2.Rectifier burned out

3.contact point of delay contacs badly

 1.Repair or replace switch

2.Repair or replace damaged component

26  Lifting powerless and motor can’t work  1.Input voltage is too low

2.Wire of AC contactor is broken

 1.Check working voltage make sure input voltage is higher than requirment

2.Temperature of motor is to high

27  Temperature of motor is too high  1.Operation is too high frequency

2.Low-speed operation time is too long of lifting brake is not open

 1.Reduce operation times properly

2.Check lifting brake

28  Action after lifting  Breakdown of component around operation platform,or internal electric component  Firstly check external components secondly check internal components of operation platform.And do with them .